The directors combined experience, financial contacts and strategy will enable Artemis to compete strongly in the market place. Demand for entertainment continues to grow worldwide and box office takings have risen sharply despite the global recession. Drawing on the evaluation skills of its directors, Artemis will provide a portion of the film’s funding through the investment opportunity and will therefore be in a strong position for the recoupment of funds and will also retain valuable rights which can generate long term revenues.

Apart from the EIS tax incentives and the profit generating potential, investors will receive added hospitality benefits from investing in the company.

• Where possible, we will invite you to visit the set during the production process.
A dinner will be arranged with the director and key members of the cast
• Subject to the approval of the film’s director we will also invite you to appear as an extra in the Film

• Artemis Films will have a presence at the Cannes film festival and you will be invited to attend our reception with a guest

• We will provide up to four VIP tickets to the premiers for each of our films and you will also be invited to attend a private advance cast and crew screening